Our injection systems are complete, durable, and undergo a rigorous quality control regimen to ensure that all parts meet our standard of precision. We guarantee that each and every component is thoroughly inspected and tested for proper operation and quality before it ever comes available for sale. The most competitive pricing in the industry comes at no sacrifice in quality. Have the utmost confidence that your injection system will provide years of enhanced horsepower and efficiency for your vehicle.

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Hydro-HP - in business since 2008 - we offer a full product line of  Water / Methanol Injection Systems to fit any application, Methanol Injection Pumps, Parts & Accessories. All vehicle types can benefit from our injection products: import or domestic applications, naturally aspirated or forced induction - turbo, roots or centrifugal supercharged - Pick up a solid horsepower increase for as little as the cost of a tuneup. Increase engine life, suppress pre-ignition (knock), run higher boost, lower octane fuel, and decrease combustion chamber temps. We invite you to browse our site, & shop our online store. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Thanks for visiting! 
Water / Methanol Injection - Horsepower Engineering

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