Q: Will these injection systems fit my vehicle?

A: This is the number one most common question we receive. The answer is yes. If your vehicle is turbo, then please visit our Turbo Systems page. If your vehicle is non-turbo (naturally aspirated), then please see our Non-Turbo Systems. Our injection systems are universal, and provided you purchase the right level of injection system to meet your performance requirements, then it will definitely be compatible with your application.

Q: Will these injection systems work for a supercharged vehicle?

A: We do produce custom injection systems for supercharged applications. The type of hardware you will need depends on what style supercharger you have. Please contact us for custom applications, and we can send you a price quote as oon as we have the specs on your vehicle - usually same day.

Q: How much will a Methanol Injection System increase my horsepower?

A: Typical power increase ranges from 7-15%. Depending upon the vehicle, sometimes higher gains can be achieved, this is the average gain.

Q: Is there a performance increase guarantee?

A: Typical power increase is easily noticeable on most vehicles, however there is no way to guarantee a particular result, since every vehicle is different, and quality of installation cannot be monitored. So the answer is no. However, if all instructions are followed properly for installation and operation we have yet to see a vehicle that did not respond favorably to Methanol injection.

Q: How long does a tank of Methanol last?

A: Our tanks capacity lasts about the same length of as a tank of fuel. Obviously driving habits and several other factors influence how quickly the contents will be used, but it is uncommon to have to refill more than once per week under normal driving conditions. (We offer custom high cpaacity tanks upon request - contact us for details).

Q: How difficult is a system to install?

A: Not bad at all. Typical install time is 1-2 hours (depending upon mechanical ability). If you can install an aftermarket stereo - you can do this).

Q: Are instructions included with the systems?

A: Fully illustrated, detailed instruction CD-ROM manuals are included with each injection system. Wiring diagrams are included. The complete install process is explained from start to finish.

Q: Where can I buy Methanol?

A: We include instructions on how to mix your own high quality Methanol - no sense paying us for something you can make yourself - we show you how.

Q: How do I know what nozzle size to select for my vehicle?

A: No problem. Just provide a few details about your engine during checkout, & your order will contain the optimum flow rate injector for your exact engine. 
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