Injection Nozzles:

Our injection nozzles come equipped with a stainless steel 120 x 120 mesh strainer with brass body to prevent clogging & are easy to clean. Spray angle is 80 deg. Connection is 1/8" NPT male. Custom sizing available.
Twin Output Conversion Kit:
This hardware kit comes complete with everything needed to convert any of our systems to accommodate applications requiring 2 injection nozzles, such as Twin-Turbo vehicles or heavily modified diesels needing extra injection capacity. Custom nozzle sizing available.
Pressure Switch:
For turbo or centrifugal supercharged applications. Adjustable setting for precise tuning to the exact boost pressure where you want your system to activate. Use either: 1/8" NPT connection or 1/4" barb connection to easily tap into any boost source (both connectors included).
Vacuum Switch:

For non-turbo vehicles. Adjustable setting  from 1-10"Hg Vac. Allows you to set exactly when your system activates relative to engine load. Connection is 1/8"male NPT. Includes 1/4" barb fitting adapter for easy connection to any manifold vacuum source.
RPM Activated Switch:

Our RPM Activated Switch is ideal for applications running Roots-Style Superchargers, or any type of vehicle where you want to activate the system based on RPM value instead of mechanical boost or vacuum pressure. Features simple 4-wire installation and fully adjustable RPM activation point.
Nylon High Psi Injection Tubing:

Our Nylon injection tubing features super high (330psi) pressure rating, .170 Inside diameter / 1/4" outside diameter to fit all of the high pressure injection fittings we use for our systems.  0.40" wall eliminates the risk of failure as seen in lower quality tubing. 1" bend radius makes tight installation spaces easy to handle. Sold by the foot.
Nozzle Adapter Hardware:

If ordering nozzles individually (not with a kit) it is important to include the nozzle adapter hardware for easy mounting into the intake or intercooler pipe of your vehicle. All necessary hardware is included to mount nozzle and fit ¼" OD hose.
One-Way Precision Check Valve:

Precise cracking pressure of 22 psi allows protection against dripping & siphoning when system is not activated, as well as not interfering with flow gph. Maintains line pressure to eliminate hesitation. Can be incorporated into any injection system for extra protection.
Solenoid Valve:

Used to guarantee complete shutoff when system is not engaged. Absolute "0" no-drip operation at nozzle. Maintains pressure in line at shutoff. Included with N-2 & T-2 Systems. Upgrade any system with this solenoid valve modification.
Not sure what size injection nozzle your vehicle needs? Flow rate can be calculated for your custom application by entering your engine data during checkout - Your choice whether to select your own nozzle size or have us calculate your engine's requirement & include the correct size with your order.
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